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We like our pricing to be simple and straight-forward; however, there are many factors that determine the price of our services:

  1. Customer Service – We believe that before a single photo is taken, Customer Service should be the most important element in business transaction. We provide the highest standard in customer service and believe that ours is one of the highest in the industry. We strive to excel in everything from scheduling your engagement session, planning your wedding day, and answering all your questions.
  2. Style of Photography – As you look through our work, you will see a variety of photographic and post production styles. We believe that as diverse as our clients and services are, so should our photographic style.
  3. Post Production – We post process every image in-house with styles that complement the type of wedding and event covered. We believe once again in variety as no two weddings or events are the same. We ensure that our images are completed and delivered soon after the event.
  4. No Hidden Charges – Our services include a variety of Albums, Printed Services, Enlargements, and hours of coverage. We also include a DVD of full-resolution images in JPEG format fully-post processed. We will not upsell our products or throw in hidden costs after your event.
  5. Equipment – We shoot with the latest in photographic equipment and try to stay up to date on cutting edge technology. We will arrive at an event prepared with lighting equipment, a variety of lenses and cameras to ensure the best coverage and also have backups for everything we carry in the event of an equipment failure. Our equipment is maintained with the highest standard.
  6. Image Backups – We follow strict backup procedures to reduce the chance of data corruption or loss. We back up our database to various locations including off site and the cloud.
  7. Second Photographer – When your wedding or event requires a second photographer, we will provide a qualified photographer that is part of our philosophy in photographic styles. These photographers are members of national organizations and have been in the industry for many years.

Determining what to charge for a service is based on value and service provided. Because of these reasons and the ones listed above we have priced our wedding and event packages starting at $3K with our average packages between $4 and $5K. Our packages are all customizable.

Please email or contact us at 951-237-5214 for a consultation.

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