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“I met Mr. David Macias for the first time at my younger sisters wedding. I knew right away that he knew what he was doing. He was very friendly, and his equipment sate of the art. After seeing the photos from my sisters wedding, all I could think about is WOW!!! I want David Macias to photograph not only my wedding but every event I need photography. Thanks David, your photos will be cherished for generations to come.”

Logan Drayson

I have known and done business for David Macias for 20 years. In that period of time he has done photography for me that included photos for my published books and photos of my dogs and staff. David is very good with understanding positioning of his subjects and lighting. He is also exceptional at taking action shots. I have always found him reliable to be at an event on time and take all the time he needs to get the job done right. You can count on David to understand the feeling you want in your photos and to come up with ideas to enhance them. One thing I really enjoy about working with David is that he will show you what shots he has previous to finishing a certain grouping to ensure that he has captured what you want. I would highly recommend David as a photographer.


K-9 Companions

Karen Duet

Working with Dave was fun, exciting, and so easy. He is on top of things, and always seemed a step ahead of us; explaining ideas, and listening to our input.

It started with a phone conversation, which quickly led to a meeting at my home. He showed off his past work, and we was thrilled to see how he was able to capture the emotion and feeling of the event. We planned our engagement photo session, and he was so kind to make the drive all the way down to San Diego again to do our photo shoot at the beautiful meditation gardens in Encinitas.

Both my husband and I had never done a professional photo session before, but he made it so easy, relaxed and fun! We really did have a blast, and the pictures were amazing. I especially love the “action” photos we did which just captured our joy so beautifully.

He insisted on coming to the church before the event to plan out the shots; we felt in such good hands throughout the entire process with Dave. He was a bright light and comfort to have in what usually seems to be a hectic part of wedding planning with vendors. Really though, the most important thing to us were the photos and memories they will hold, and Dave just has so much experience and expertise; we will always remember our day with great clarity through his work. Thank you Dave!


Allegra and Jeremy Carscallen

David, I have known you for several years and can say that anything you do, you do with style and perfectionism. Thank you for capturing my daughters’ wedding day in a way that we will remember forever, the photos are perfect and the album is splendid. Thanks again for your professionalism and hard work.

Chairman / Co-Founder, Xsura Global

George Horioka

David Macias is one of the most professional photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He has all (and more) of the necessary professional equipment required to deal with any shooting situation that might arise and connects with clients very easily. He has a natural way of getting people comfortable during a shoot, which is something many photographers don’t do well. David takes care of his clients and always follows up with them to make sure they are satisfied.

Leo Macias

“Your photography is amazing.”

Don Bennet

“We had an outdoor wedding in late August in beautiful Idaho. David assisted our primary photographer and we were extraordinarily pleased with his professionalism and work. He has such great vision and knew exactly which pictures to take and with what angle and the lighting etc. You just have so much going on in your mind when it’s your wedding and it was great knowing that we didn’t have to worry about getting all the shots in and that he knew exactly what we needed. His creativity and expertise was invaluable. A++”

David and Kristen Macias

Это фото самое любимое, я уверена что никто не сделает лучше чем Дэвид Масиас ! Дэвид профессиональный фотограф из Калифорнии. Я в детстве увлекалась фотографией и понимаю, что фотограф за короткое время должен найти, как выразить характер людей и взаимоотношения между людьми. Хоть я и не владею английским в совершенстве, но главное что фотограф владеет своим искусством в совершенстве!

Ещё раз огромное СПАСИБО Дэвиду Масиасу!

Olga Yakhnenko

Не могу не написать комментарии и слова благодарности фотографу, который делал фотосессию нашей дочери. Мы в восторге от полученных фотографий! Вот это настоящий профессионал своего дела.

Спасибо огромное за работу. Советую всем кто ищет фотографа звоните, если он еще не уехал в Калифорнию то вам повезло.

Svetlana Fidler


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